VaraWave™ Technology

Multiple Wave Pattern Options

With better technology comes better energy efficiency and better performance. WaveTek’s® Exclusive Variable Wave Pattern Programmer automatically cycles through multiple pre-selected wave patterns at the simple touch of a button.

Available as an add-on to any WaveTek® wave system, our exclusive VaraWave™ Technology has the ability to create up to eight different wave patterns from an easily accessible, external monitor mounted directly to your wave control panel.

varawave pattern

Recreational Family Waves

ADG’s variety of “Roller” and “V Waves” range from low to moderate intensity, perfect for all ages of family fun.  For more action crank out the “Diamond”  and “Diagonal” waves and watch the excitement grow as the speed and intensity of the waves increase.

Roller wave patternSplitRoller waves

Vwaves patternReverseV waves


DiagonalRight wavesDiagonalLeft waves

High Performance Waves


MergingRoller waves


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