ADG Water Rides are the only solution for conceptualizing and constructing the ultimate water ride attraction, from boogie boarding, thrilling surf rides, captivating tidal rivers, and skill-based adventure rides to our signature specialty wave pools and lagoons. Each ADG Water Ride introduces a distinctive park experience, enticing guests to enjoy a day filled with fun and adventure.

Meticulously designed and engineered, ADG's Water Rides aim to create the perfect park experience that resonates with both guests and park owners. As the leading water park ride manufacturer and the pioneer behind wave pool technology, ADG is revolutionizing the ride experience with a remarkable range of all-inclusive Water Rides that prioritize getting guests off the waiting lines and straight into the water.

Each ADG Water Ride is tailored to suit your venue, offering a unique park experience where guests can stay, play, and savor every moment. Thoughtfully crafted to cater to diverse demographics, these rides ensure high capacity and rapid throughput, making them ideal for upgrades, expansions, compact venues, resorts, and more.