Our Approach to Products

ADG’s Design/Supply Package goes beyond the basics of a simple equipment supply. Our comprehensive equipment package is a completely customized program that combines our expert aquatic design and engineering, and marries it with a premium equipment package tailored to your specific project needs.

  • 01
    Upfront Planning & Review
  • 02
    Product Design & Engineering
  • 03
  • 04
    Installation & Support

01 Upfront Planning & Review

ADG Master Planning Sketches and Renderings 01

It all begins with our trademark in depth process that includes examining the existing site infrastructure and gathering all required information to create a solid project plan; establishing project costs, schedules and providing assistance with real operating budgets to avoid costly overruns and delays later on.

02 Product Design & Engineering

ADG Product Design & Engineering 02

ADG's comprehensive equipment package combines expertise and resources to meet your project and product requirements, ensuring your builders have everything they need for enhanced results. Our package extends beyond a basic equipment supply, encompassing essential drawings, documents, and equipment.

03 Manufacturing

ADG Manufacturing Shop in Upstate NY 03

The manufacturing for all of our products takes place in our 45,000 sqft plant located at our corporate headquarters in Upstate New York. All ADG products are manufactured and designed to surpass industry standards and provide the most reliable and longest lasting results available.

04 Installation & Support

ADG Installation and Support 04

Our commitment to product development extends way beyond the sale to ensure that your equipment and attraction are fully functional and operating at optimal capacity once installed. From installation and start-up to long-term maintenance and care, we’ve got you covered.