Evolution in Waves

ADG’s history in surf waves is one of innovation, determination and longevity. ADG leads the way in waves having successfully developed, tested, and implemented more technological advancements to wave systems than any other company in the industry – from recreational wave pools and rivers, to stationary sheet waves and deep water waves, to surf pools and specialty wave systems for aquariums, rescue training, motion pictures and more – ADG Waves, powered by their exclusive WaveTek® technology, is the go-to system for every wave application.

At the Forefront - The Early Years

ADG pioneered wave pool tech in the '80s with hydraulic surf pools at Water World, Geauga Lake, and Emerald Point. The IP that was developed for those pools is also featured on Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon, an iconic wave pool that showcased this early entry technology into man-made surfable waves.

Leading the Way - Emerging Technologies

ADG led the way in wave technology by introducing pneumatic wave systems in the '80s. These systems created consistent, surfable waves at venues like Oasis Point and Wild Rivers, known for hosting surf events. In the '90s, their second-gen system at Festival Bay proved successful for pneumatic surf technology. 

Forging Ahead - Innovation & Advancement

ADG pioneered industry standards like stainless-steel construction, various wave patterns, and efficient wave chamber setups. They were the first to offer complete wave pool solutions, driving the water park era. Since the '80s, ADG has supplied systems to over 90% of North American wave pools. Notable innovations include pre-programmable wave patterns, river wave integration, cost-effective pneumatic setups, and 6' pneumatic roller waves.

Branching Out – Specialty Wave Applications & The Cross-Over Effect

ADG excels in R&D for innovative wave production. In the world of zoos and aquariums, they create diverse wave systems, featured in places like Melbourne Zoo, Ripley's Aquariums, Georgia Aquarium, and the National Zoo in Washington DC. They introduced the first remote-mounted wave system, initially designed for Sea World, which later evolved into the Twin Tides water ride. In Hollywood, they craft realistic ocean settings for movies like The Guardian, Master & Commander, and Life of Pi, offering customizable waves. ADG also improved their pneumatic system for high-efficiency surf technology, leading to systems like Shorebreak and OceanSwell for boogie boarding and learn-to-surf.

Continuing the Evolution – the Surfing Phenomenon Takes Off

ADG's wave innovations set industry standards, spanning standing waves, surf pools, and rivers. They revolutionized the stationary surf wave market in 2003, partnering with Tom Lochtefeld to transform his idea of a stationary surfable wave and make it a commercially viable attraction. From that, FlowRider® was created, having 225 installations worldwide, 130+ of which have been designed, built, and installed by ADG. ADG's research in advanced pneumatic systems benefits surf parks, providing precise wave control and equipment-free solutions. 

Where We Go From Here - The Wave of the Future

In the past decade, ADG Waves expanded globally, including Asia, the Middle East, the Philippines, and Australia. Their WaveTek® tech is used in various projects, from large wave pools to kid's pools, beachless pools, river waves, boogie boarding and surf pools, equipment-free pools, and remote wave systems. They're currently working on a unique boogie-boarding and "learn-to-surf" pool in Australia, set to open in 2021. ADG's successful wave applications include ShoreBreak, Breaker Beach, TidalWave River, FlowRider, and latest surf advancement - EpicSurf, a deep water standing wave experience. With 50+ years of innovation, ADG continues to shape the future of wave technology.