About Us

ADG's Leadership Team

ADG’s leadership team comprises of the most experienced & innovative experts in the industry. Forming the cornerstone of what we do and who we are, they have pioneered our in depth approach philosophy which underscores our dedication to providing top-notch products, outstanding service, and adept project management to our clients.

  • Ken Ellis | CEO
    Ken Ellis
  • Jim Dunn | President
    Jim Dunn
  • Bruce Quay | COO
    Bruce Quay
  • Kristin Renchkovsky | CFO
    Kristin Renchkovsky
  • Ray Lauenstein | Business Development
    Ray Lauenstein
    Business Development
  • Julie Kline | Marketing
    Julie Kline
  • Ryan G. Snyder | Design & Product Development
    Ryan G. Snyder
    Design & Product Development
  • Tim Sheehan | Architecture & Design
    Tim Sheehan
    Architecture & Design
  • Bill Leonard | Development & Construction
    Bill Leonard
    Development & Construction
  • Ed Kapper | Manufacturing
    Ed Kapper
  • Jay Hopeck | Project Development Services
    Jay Hopeck
    Project Development Services
  • Bryan Meskill | Engineering
    Bryan Meskill
  • Mike Walsh | Equipment Systems
    Mike Walsh
    Equipment Systems
  • Lauren Shafer | Human Resources
    Lauren Shafer
    Human Resources