ADG holds unparalleled expertise in the water park industry. Our unique strategy for crafting supreme indoor or outdoor water parks of large or small scales - showcases our comprehensive fusion of planning, design, construction, and manufacturing. This approach provides our clients with unparalleled quality and customization, setting us apart from any other company in the market. 

Each ADG water park project is tailored to embody the client's brand, caters to guests' preferences, delivers an exceptional experience and drives the bottom line.


Our breadth of clients, including top hotel and resort brands, has provided us with an in-depth understanding for crafting captivating recreational aquatic environments. These spaces not only distinguish themselves in the competitive resort market but also leave a lasting impression on visitors.

With a clientele that boasts industry giants such as Hyatt, Hilton, Gaylord, Waldorf Astoria, Westin, and others. This is a testament to ADG's success in our design and construction projects.


Set your community apart with a family friendly aquatic facility that distinguishes your town and entices people to want to live, work, and play within your community.  As the number one builder and designer of water parks and water ride attractions in North America, ADG is perfectly situated to help you create the ideal community water park.


As the sport of surfing continues to expand in popularity around the world, the demand for surfable wave pools continues to grow. ADG's long standing history in the growth and development of surfable waves for wave pools, standing waves and aquatic spaces - makes us perfectly positioned to deliver successful surf park projects, from design, to surf wave technology and construction of the project.


Water parks are always looking to add an attraction or new marketable area of their park to promote a point of differentiation, marketability and grow their attendance. And sometimes, it makes sense to tackle tired areas of the park that are underperforming. When considering an expansion or renovation, ADG will look at your entire project to determine what makes the most business sense. Instead of just putting in a new ride, looking at the holistic picture of the park to maximize return, manage budget, and enhance the guest experience.