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Specialty Waves

Ocean Wave Simulation For Real-World Applications

ADG's Wave Specialists are unparalleled experts in the realm of waves. They bring their expertise in wave generation and water motion technology to engineer just the right configuration to create realistic aquatic environments virtually anywhere.

From Hollywood to National Zoos, to the Coast Guard, more companies turn to ADG Wave Systems and our patented WaveTek® technology when they need waves done right.

ADG Specialty Waves Coast Guard Facility

ADG Specialty Wave Applications

Fountain Displays

Introducing waves into fountain displays is a great way to highlight any setting, dramatically enhancing the overall entertainment value and attractiveness of a facility. ADG's Wave Generation specialists can retrofit an existing water feature or custom design a new attraction tailored to meet the unique requirements of your project.

Motion Pictures

For over a decade, ADG has been in demand among Hollywood execs, producing Academy Award Winning effects for movies such as Life of Pi, The Guardian, and Master and Commander. From rough water action, to surfing waves, to calm ocean seas – ADG's Wave Specialists possess the finesse to faithfully recreate any aquatic setting for an authentically cinematic oceanic experience. 

Sea Life & Aquatic Exhibits

Creating an authentic and immersive experience for your visitors takes center stage in exhibit development or enhancement. Dolphins, penguins, and other shoreline inhabitants depend on realistic wave action to simulate their natural habitats. The correct wave motion can not only enhance water quality but also optimize the efficiency of the exhibit’s life systems.

Water Rescue & Training Centers  

From the U.S. Coast Guard to specialized aquatic and training centers, establishing the optimal conditions for deep-water and rough ocean water rescue operations is imperative for the proper training of service members and lifeguards across the nation.  

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