Making ADG's WaveTek Wave Systems In-House for Over 50+ Years 

Made In the USA Wave Equipment : Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

When you work with ADG you are working with the undisputed leader in wave generation technology, wave pool design, and construction. Our patented WaveTek® wave generation systems are the industry’s proven top performer and is well known for creating some of the most iconic and innovative wave pools and rivers in the industry. 

With our in-house precision, CNC controlled machining, and forming equipment, only ADG can ensure the highest quality, consistency, and durability of your wave system package.

A Complete Wave System Package

Making the best waves is more than just about having the best wave generator. From our in-house manufacturing plant and control-panel shop to our engineering and design team, every aspect of your wave system operation is considered. Only ADG offers a complete package that addresses all your aquatic needs, from the bathymetry of the pool floor to the placement of the gratings and fittings, to the quality of the filtration and pool operation.

Why Choose ADG WaveTek Waves?

With more industry firsts in perfecting the dynamics of wave systems, including the first 6′ pneumatic roller waves and staggered caisson configurations that offer better variety and efficiency in wave performance - ADG Waves has led the industry in the advancement of wave generation for over half  century.


The Best Waves on the Market

ADG prides itself on providing only the highest quality, best engineered waves and wave pools in the industry. And our success is evident in our over 550+ wave systems with better formed, more efficiently produced waves that minimize energy consumption, maximize the number delivered per minute, and hold their shape through the entire length of your pool or river.

Year-Round Service & Support

Experienced and responsive, our team of wave engineers and technicians are always available to provide you with the service and support you need to keep your waves running smoothly and efficiently — from ordering parts, to service, to routine inspections and maintenance.