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River Waves

Waves Of Fun Throughout Your Park For Rivers & Small Pools

ADG Wave Systems are designed to bring fast-paced action and fun to rivers and small pools for a better water experience.

Creating waves in a river or small sized pool is a lot of fun, but it’s also a lot about the science. From gentle rolling waves to more active fun, ADG Wave’s precise combination of technical engineering & design has developed a series of small pool & river wave systems that create the exact application you are looking to achieve.

Whether for children’s pools, rivers, or uniquely shaped smaller pools like our Twin Tides™, There’s no better water park activity like riding the waves to keep your guests actively engaged and having fun.

ADG Tidal River Canobie Water Park

ADG River Wave Systems


Delivering Consistent Rolling Wave Action to Rivers Everywhere.
Our Breakers system, first developed in the 1980’s, provides a gentle yet fun-filled adventure down river.


High Frequency Diamond and Roller Waves.
Developed for shallow water, our HighTide system provides multiple wave patterns for more variety and fun in water as shallow as 3ft.


An Industry First.
The Tempest system utilizes a unique side-wall chamber configuration with remote mounting of the wave generator that allows for quick and easy wave pattern adjustments. Create waves that “match” or “miss” for a rollicking, rolling effect!


Big Wave Action.
The TidalWave system produces fast, solitary waves in a small footprint with no gates or valves in the water.

A lot of people thought we couldn’t do it. I knew we, along with the team at ADG, could get it done. It’s a passion for us, and so gratifying to bring back so much family fun to Louisville

Ed Hart, Park Developer
Kentucky Kingdom

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To add to the success of Six Flags Great Escape in Queensbury, NY, and take advantage of a four season market, Six Flags undertook to build an indoor waterpark. ADG was engaged to design and build a 35,000 sqft Adirondack-themed indoor waterpark and create a year-round attraction with multi-demographic appeal.