With our business forged in product design and manufacturing more than 50 years ago, ADG has created innovations in passenger safety and ride technology that have quickly made their mark on mountains across North America. 

ADG Mountainsides provides a complete package for your total Mountain project needs. 

Working with you through:

  • Construction timelines
  • Budget constraints
  • Supporting buildings and foundations
  • Guest interaction and ride excitement
Coast Your Way To Success

Get your Mountain Coaster up and running faster with ADG’s Site-Ready Assembly 100% Made-in-America quality products and service. Our stainless-steel coaster track system arrives onsite preassembled by our certified welders, in-house. 

ADG Mountainsides Coaster

Slide Your Way To A New Adventure

ADG’s new advanced design is built for fun and engineered for safety. With an improved fiberglass track system and new rider-controlled slides, guests of all ages can create an experience that is perfect for them. ADG can accommodate a variety of terrains with minimal maintenance and environmental impact.

ADG Mountainsides Alpine Slide

For more information visit our ADG Mountainsides website.