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From developing the wave systems that power wave and surf pools as far away as From developing the wave systems that power wave and surf pools as far away as Australia and Saudi Arabia to designing and building waterparks from California to New York, and from Mexico to Canada, every employee plays a key role in delivering our projects and products to our customers.

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Our Current Openings

As an Architect/Planner, you will report to the Manager of Architecture and Planning. This position plays a key role in the design and architectural development of themed indoor and outdoor waterparks, immersive creative attractions, resort and amusement environments.

As an Aquatic Designer, you will report to the Manager of Design and Construction Engineering and design, engineer, and detail pool and water park projects. Primary role includes providing completed site plans from conceptual rendings include pool layouts, landscape, grading, hardscapes, etc. Additionally you will also be cross trained in various other aquatic design aspects in order to deliver complete project designs.

As a Traveling Shotcrete Superintendent you will oversee the shotcrete/concrete crew.

The Assistant Project Manager will serve as a vital team member in support of the Project Management team assisting the Construction Project Managers with all aspects of building all construction projects from commencement to completion. Responsible for a specific focus on document control (RFIs, submittals, material delivery), contracts review, purchase orders, and effective subcontractor coordination throughout the entirety of the project.

The Human Resources Manager will report to the Chief Financial Officer. This position will be responsible for the oversight of the day-to-day HR functions including but not limited to: benefits administration; recruitment; onboarding/orientation; payroll; training and development; performance management; compliance; recordkeeping; employee engagement; communication; and company events.

Build your career at the WORLD-RENOWNED waterpark company right here in the Capital Region.

As you help build ADG’s success, we are committed to helping you build a prosperous and successful future. We offer challenging career opportunities, competitive salaries, and a comprehensive suite of benefits to promote the health and financial security for you and your family.

Our commitment to innovation, creativity and quality work is reflected in everything we do. Every ADG employee is empowered to act in ways that make each day better, whether that’s lending a hand to a colleague or bringing forward an idea for a process improvement. Individually and collectively, our work achieves results that make a difference — for our clients, our client’s customers, and ourselves.

Architecture and Design


Creativity thrives at ADG, where innovation is embraced as a core value. With a team of imaginative minds, ADG pushes the boundaries of traditional solutions. This creative approach yields novel ideas and fresh perspectives, allowing ADG to consistently deliver inventive and effective outcomes for its clients.


With a culture that fosters creativity and forward thinking, ADG continuously seeks groundbreaking solutions. The company's commitment to innovation empowers its team to explore new avenues, challenge norms, and pioneer cutting-edge approaches. This approach ensures that ADG remains at the forefront of its industry, delivering state-of-the-art products and services to its clients.


Within ADG's ecosystem, teamwork and cooperation flourish, resulting in synergy that amplifies the collective skills and expertise of its members. Through open communication and shared goals, ADG nurtures an environment where diverse perspectives merge to form innovative solutions. This collaborative spirit not only enhances internal processes but also extends to ADG's partnerships with clients, ensuring a unified approach to achieving mutual success.


Community holds a special place at ADG. Beyond being a company, ADG cultivates a sense of belonging among its employees, clients, and partners. This inclusive environment encourages meaningful connections and mutual support. By nurturing a strong community, ADG creates a space where individuals can thrive personally and professionally, fostering a sense of shared purpose and accomplishment.


Working at ADG is synonymous with having fun! The company's dynamic and engaging environment encourages employees to bring their passion to work every day. From innovative projects to collaborative team activities, ADG cultivates a sense of enjoyment in the workplace. This unique blend of professionalism and playfulness fosters a positive atmosphere where creativity thrives, resulting in not only exceptional results but also a truly enjoyable work experience for all team members.

Dedicated to Success

ADG is one of the world’s most respected water park and aquatic venue design, construction, and manufacturing firms in the industry offering a comprehensive range of products and services that continue to set the standard throughout our industry.

As part of our team, you will have the opportunity to be a part of some of the most dynamic and creative projects taking place in the industry today!

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