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VaraWave™ Technology

Pre-Program Your Wave Pool for Quick & Easy Operation
Product Benefits
Eight Different Wave Patterns
Add-On to Any ADG Wave System
Pre-Select Wave Patterns
Easy External Control Panel

ADG Waves exclusive Variable Wave Pattern Programmer automatically cycles through multiple pre-selected wave patterns at the simple touch of a button.  Create your own sequences to capture key demographic audiences at different times throughout the day, ranging from gentle 3′ rollers for families to dramatic 6′ tsunami waves for the more adventurous crowd.

Having perfected optimal wave performance with efficiency in operation, ADG Wave systems for wave pools produce more waves per minute than any other system on the market, while at the same time producing gentler wave energy for an overall more enjoyable pool experience.

ADG’s variety of wave patterns range from low to moderate to high intensity. From kids pools to 6′ roller waves for surf pools, ADG’s wave experts will work with you to develop the exact application and type of waves you need for the experience you want to create.

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