ADG Design/Build

Design & Build

Design/Build Approach Tailored to Your Project

ADG's Design/Build process guarantees seamless project coordination from concept to completion, uniting design, engineering, manufacturing, and construction for any size project. This option offers full control and execution of all specialty construction with upfront fixed costs and timelines, ensuring no unexpected surprises!  

Upfront Planning, Review & Cost Analysis

Our planning and review services help transform your ideas into a viable plan. Our team assesses the site, and every aspect of the project and establish practical project costs, timelines, and an operating budget to align with your vision, providing a clear understanding of the project's expenses.

Experienced Project Management

ADG provides an experienced team of project managers and on-site construction experts. Meaning, your project team possesses comprehensive knowledge of all project aspects, ensuring your project progresses smoothly, on schedule, and within budget.

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ADG Equipment & Product Supply

Equipment & Product Supply

A Comprehensive Package

For clients who just want to purchase one of our innovative products - from planning and review to manufacturing, installation, startup, and after-sales support, ADG's team is dedicated to your project's success through this unique partnership.

Made-in-the-USA Quality

The manufacturing for all of our products takes place at our in-house plant located at our corporate headquarters in Upstate New York. All ADG products are manufactured and designed to surpass industry standards, hitting the highest level of safety ASTM, UL and NSF certifications and provide the most reliable and longest lasting results available.

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After Sales Service & Support

ADG has over 50 years experience of providing exceptional service and support to our client's project and products. Whether ordering replacement parts, scheduling onsite service, or in need of some long-distance troubleshooting, our experience in commercial pool equipment, wave generation, recreational water, and mountainside products is unsurpassed in the industry.

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