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Zoo & Aquarium Exhibits

Waves & Water Motion Creating Realistic Settings for Animal Enrichment

Elevate your aquatic exhibits to new heights with ADG's tailored water motion and WaveTek® wave systems, precisely crafted to transform zoo and aquarium displays into captivating aquatic worlds.

Our award-winning technologies and specialty wave applications, honed through extensive scale modeling and testing, are designed and engineered to provide lifelike aquatic environments that enhance operational efficiency and elevate water and sound quality for the betterment of aquatic life. 

From coral and kelp displays to pinnipeds and shore birds, ADG stands ready to collaborate with you in crafting the perfect aquatic setting with the necessary wave and water motion technology, precisely tailored to the needs of your unique animal and aquatic exhibit. 

ADG Georgia Aquarium Crash Tank

ADG Zoo & Aquarium Wave Applications

Authentic Sea Life Exhibits

Creating an authentic and immersive experience for your visitors takes center stage in exhibit development or enhancement. Dolphins, penguins, and other shoreline inhabitants depend on realistic wave action to simulate their natural habitats. The correct wave motion can not only enhance water quality but also optimize the efficiency of the exhibit’s life systems. 

Coral Reef & Kelp Environments  

Exhibit design is as much about creating authentic surroundings as the species being displayed. Beyond the visual allure of realistic swaying kelp strands, living coral relies on a constant water flow to transport nutrients and expel waste. Waves play a pivotal role in sustaining this delicate ecosystem. 

Scale Modeling & Testing

Before diving into the actual equipment design and manufacturing of our specialty wave systems, our wave technicians construct and rigorously test a working scale model of your exhibit. This hands-on approach clearly defines the specific equipment system requirements and assures our clients that their desired aquatic effect can be brought to life. 

Specialty Wave Features  

Introducing waves into fountain displays is a great way to highlight any setting, dramatically enhancing the overall entertainment value and attractiveness of a facility. ADG's Wave Generation specialists can retrofit an existing water feature or custom design a new attraction tailored to meet the unique requirements of your project.

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