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Recreational Wave Pools

The Best Waves On The Market

Maximize the potential of your park's flagship attraction – your wave pool. Settling for an ordinary wave system is a missed opportunity. Elevate your premier feature, with ADG Wave Systems, backed by the pioneering WaveTek® technology. 

Unparalleled in the market, ADG Waves provides you with an array of options encompassing wave forms, heights, and patterns. Regardless of your pool's dimensions, ADG stands as the world's #1 source for wave pool design, construction, and equipment.

With ADG WaveTek®, excellence in wave creation becomes a norm. Our recreational wave system packages not only ensure operational efficiency but also offer user-friendly controls. Most importantly, they guarantee an enjoyable experience for your valued guests.

ADG Wave Systems For Recreational Wave Pools


Solid Diamond Wave Performance.
Reliable wave performance in an economical package.


The Most Comprehensive Wave System Package on the Market.
Designed to last, this workhorse system has a proven track record, is full of features, and comes with our exclusive VaraWave™ technology already built in making it our best seller!



FIND OUT MORE about our VaraWave wave pattern programmer which is an add-on to any ADG WaveTek wave system package.


FIND OUT MORE about our creative wave pool design configurations and how we can design & build an iconic differentiating feature at your park.

A lot of people thought we couldn’t do it. I knew we, along with the team at ADG, could get it done. It’s a passion for us, and so gratifying to bring back so much family fun to Louisville

Ed Hart, Park Developer
Kentucky Kingdom

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