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As the sport of surfing continues to expand in popularity around the world, the demand for surfable wave pools continues to grow. From 6′ (1.8m) rollers in wave pools, to stationary deep water waves like EpicSurf, ADG has a long history in the growth and development of surfable waves for wave pools and water ride attractions.

From learn-to-surf, to boogie boarding, to high-performing recreational waves and surfable pools, ADG has a wave system that can be designed to delver the exact application you are looking for.

ADG Big Wave Pool Kentucky Kingdom

ADG Wave Systems For High Performance Waves


Exceptional Roller Wave Performance from 3ft – 6ft.

A unique staggered caisson wave chamber configuration that produces larger roller waves with less energy consumption than any other competitive system on the market. *Includes all the featured components of our AquaWave system.


Classic Big Wave Performance.

This high-performance wave system produces large, solitary waves using hydraulic power at intervals from 30 to 90 seconds.


Play, Surf & Ride all in One

Our OceanSwell system delivers the biggest waves in the most efficient way possible, creating the ideal wave pool for boogie-boarding, learn-to-surf and recreational applications.  With it’s advanced pneumatic technology, the OceanSwell delivers high-performance waves using less energy and with no equipment in the water, providing overall savings and lower maintenance needs for the life of your pool.

Want to crank it up to some real surf action? 
Visit EpicSurf, our deep water stationary wave made for anyone, anywhere in the world.

Our 1.8 million-gallon wave pool is powered by ADG’s wave system technology and is a crowd-pleasing, signature attraction due to the big, ocean-style waves it produces

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Hyland Hills Water World

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