From the leading manufacturer, designer and builder of wave pools and wave generation technology, ADG brings you more options for on-demand and pre-programmable wave patterns than any other system on the market – enabling you to provide your guests with the ultimate wave pool experience that’ll keep them coming back for more.

Recreational Wave Pools

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recreational wave pools

Recreational Wave Systems

With ADG WaveTek® Wave Systems, every wave is the perfect wave! Our wave system packages turn your average wave pool into a one-of-a-kind experience with more waves generated per minute than any other system available.

ADG’s Exclusive Variable Wave Pattern Programmer automatically cycles through multiple pre-selected wave patterns at the touch of a button! Available as an add-on to any of our systems, VaraWave™ Technology has the ability to create up to eight different wave patterns – and is available only from ADG.

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wave generation system seawave


Solid Diamond Wave Performance. Reliable wave performance in an economical package.

adg generation wave system aquawave


The Most Comprehensive Wave System Package on the Market. Designed to last, this workhorse system has a proven track record, is full of features, and comes with our exclusive VaraWave™ technology already built in!

wave generation features

adg wave generation system


Exceptional Roller Wave Performance from 3ft – 6ft.  A unique staggered caisson wave chamber configuration that produces larger roller waves with less energy consumption than any other competitive system on the market. *Includes all the featured components of our AquaWave system.


Wave Pool Design & Configurations


The perfect shape for your wave pool is determined by several factors: capacity, available space, and type of experience you want to create.  From tradition 2 or 4 caisson pools, to big pools with big waves, to custom designs and shapes, ADG’s designers and engineers can help you design and build the optimal pool for your property.

See what wave pool shapes and designs are making waves in the industry!

Waves for Every Application

From 2 ft. to 8 ft., our Wave Generation systems are designed to make a splash and deliver exactly the type of application you need – whether for fun or function. Discover why more clients have relied on ADG’s WaveTek® powered waves than any other system in the world.

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