Wave Pool Design & Configuration

Merging of Technology and Design

ADG’s designs and WaveTek® innovations over the last 50 years have resulted in more patents and unique configurations, creating the most comprehensive family of wave generation systems and attractions available anywhere in the world.

resort wave pool at opryland

Ground-Breaking Twists

Recent advancements in wave pool geometry and wave technology have led to ground-breaking twists in the shape, size, and usage of the traditional wave pool.

  • Dual Beach and Reverse Beach wave pools expand deck area and in water capacity.
  • Split wave pools maximize energy efficiency on low capacity days and allow for dual play/surf programming.
  • Curved wave pool designs are as unique looking as they are to experience, with guests traversing from one end to the other with no “dead space” and twice the usable area.

Variable programming through WaveTek’s VaraWave on-demand control system can be fitted to almost any pool shape and allows you to customize your wave pool even further, delivering exactly the experience you want to create.


wave pool shapes and innovative geometry

High performance Wave pool shapes

Specialty Wave Pools

With over 400+ WaveTek installations worldwide, and more than fifty large wave pool system configurations in operation, ADG is the one to turn to for large pool design.

Having perfected optimal wave performance with efficiency in operation, WaveTek’s patented, high energy wave system technologies produce more waves per minute while at the same time producing gentler wave energy for an overall more enjoyable pool experience.

Specialty Wave Pools

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