Whether you desire a more family-friendly ride for all ages, or are looking to target the more adventurous guests with high action thrills, our WaveTekTM wave equipment and expert river wave designers and engineers will create the ride to match the experience you desire.

River Waves

River Ride Attraction

The Science of Fun

Creating waves in a river is a lot of fun, but it’s also a lot about the science – the right depth, the correct radius, the right wave height and speed…  The precise combination of technical aspects combined with ADG’s premium WaveTek wave equipment is what guarantees a successful ride experience.

We’ve been doing this longer and more often than any other wave manufacturer in the country. Our river waves are more efficient to operate, our equipment lasts longer, and our wave flow creates a better experience for your guests from start to finish.

ADG Action Adventure River powered by wavetek technologyAction Adventure Rivers

Action rivers set your property apart and bring excitement and thrills to today’s park goers who are seeking an experience beyond the ordinary.  Through a combination of creative design and strategic wave machine placement, the lazy river that every park has, just became your new major attraction!

ADG water ride tidal wave river rideTidal Wave River Ride

ADG takes river wave technology to a whole new level with our Tidal RiverTM Water Ride.  Our unique configuration powers both a zero-depth entry wave pool and a fast paced action river with better efficiency for unequaled wave performance.  From gentle family recreational waves in the shallow to fast-paced and exciting wave action in the wider pool and river channel, this ride offers something for everyone.

Flexible Approach to Creating Your River Ride

Purchase our engineering and wave equipment package to work with your design, or work with our planning experts to design the ride from concept to completion.

From upscale resort river settings to colorful indoor and outdoor water park ride attractions, our InDepthTM approach to design and build is incorporates all aspects of the river layout, including technology and engineering specs, surrounding areas, landscaping and more.


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