Motion Pictures

Realistic Ocean Scenes for Movies

When it comes to creating realistic ocean scenes for motion pictures, top directors and producers from Hollywood and around the world rely on ADG’s WaveTek®  Wave Generation systems to deliver a star performance.

For more than a decade, ADG has been in demand among Hollywood executives, producing Academy Award winning effects for movies such as Life of Pi,  The Guardian, and Master and Commander.  From rough water action, to surfing waves, to calm ocean seas, the wave specialists at ADG can recreate any setting for a realistic ocean scene.

Life of Pi Movie Pictures

On Demand Performance

Replicating everything from raging storm conditions to a gentle swell, ADG can design, supply and build massive 1,800 horsepower wave generation systems that transform a half-acre wave pool into a raging ocean on screen, all at the touch of a button.

  • Exclusive on-demand systems activated at the touch of a button
  • Time controlled release for precise wave patterns
  • Up to 1800 plus horsepower to generate large capacity tanks and pools
  • One-of-a-kind pool designs for realistic ocean settings (1/2 acre plus in size)
  • Built, designed and operated to your specific needs and qualifications
  • Able to meet demanding time frames for immediate production needs
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