Creativity & technology come together to create the most innovative recreational wave pools, rivers, surf and specialty wave systems on the market.

ADG Waves & WaveTek®

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Pioneering Advancements in Wave Technology For Over 50 Years

When you work with ADG you are working with the undisputed leader in wave generation technology and wave pool design and construction. Our patented WaveTek® wave generation systems are the industry’s proven top performer with more than 500 installations worldwide and powering over 90% of recreational wave pools and rivers in operation throughout North America.

ADG Waves are also the go-to system for real-world ocean simulation in zoos and aquariums, major Hollywood movie productions, rescue training centers, and other specialty applications. Whether for fun or function, our waves are designed to make a splash and deliver exactly the type of application you need.

Together ADG Waves and WaveTek have been setting the standard for performance and innovation for over half a century and are responsible for more industry firsts than any other wave system on the market today.

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Wave Pools & River Waves

recreational wave systemYour wave pool and river are two of your largest and most used attractions in your park so make them a place your guests want to stay and play in.  WaveTek wave systems deliver a better guest experience through consistent and well-formed waves that are released with a gentler energy dispersion for the ultimate in energy efficiency AND guest enjoyment.

For every size and shape of wave pool or river, WaveTek offers a variety of system options designed to meet your exact needs:

Recreational Wave Pools

River Waves & Kid’s Pools

High-Performance Surf and Boogie Boarding Pools

Specialty Wave Applications

life of pi specialty wave applicationCreating tailored wave systems designed for specific applications is what WaveTek is all about.  From Hollywood to the Georgia Aquarium to the US Coast Guard, WavTek is depended on more often than any other system to deliver the exact application needed for realistic and dependable results.

Aquatic Exhibits for Zoos & Aquariums

Rescue Training Simulations

Fountain Displays & Exhibits

Ocean Simulation for Motion Pictures

Technology Features & Benefits

river wave rideAll ADG Wave systems are powered by our exclusive WaveTek technology. With more industry firsts in perfecting the dynamics of wave systems, including the first 6′ pneumatic roller waves and staggered caisson configurations that offere better variety and efficiency in wave performance, ADG Waves has led the industry in the advancement of wave generation for over half  century.

Key Features & Benefits of ADG Waves & WaveTek

Top 10 Reasons to Choose ADG Waves


Waves & Wave Pools

If you are looking to design and build a new wave pool or simply in need of replacing your current wave system, no one offers more options than ADG Waves.  From the type of wave to the type of pool, we will work with you to match the exact application you need to achieve the result you want.  Contact us today for a free wave system consultation. 

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