From 2 ft. to 8 ft., our Wave Generation systems are designed to make a splash and deliver exactly the type of application you need – whether for fun or function. Discover why more clients have relied on ADG’s WaveTek® powered waves than any other system in the world.

WaveTek® Wave Generation

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Undisputed Leader in Wave Generation

When you work with ADG you are working with the undisputed leader in wave generation technology and wave pool design and construction. Our patented WaveTek® wave generation system is the industry’s proven top performer world wide, powering over 90% of recreational wave systems in operation throughout North America.

As the leading manufacturer of wave generation equipment in the industry for almost 50 years, ADG has long been known for it’s innovative products and for setting the standard in wave technology.

Our designs and developments over the years have resulted in more patents and unique configurations, creating the most comprehensive family of wave generation system options available anywhere in the world.

Efficiency & Performance

The best waves are a result of efficient use of power and performance.  And only ADG’s WaveTek wave systems generate a higher number of waves in less time, and with less horsepower, than any other system on the market.  Which means a gentler exertion on your guests for a better overall experience.

Many wave generation products offer limited or imprecise patterning and wave dispersal, which limits the usable area in your wave pool, reducing capacity and turnover.  ADG’s multiple wave patterns and smart rate production ability, together with precise wave pool engineering design, bring it all together to virtually eliminate dead spots – which means more room to play and a better experience for your guests.

The Competition. 400 Hp = 1 wave/60 sec = 1 wave per min = 400 Hp per wave

ADG WaveTek Waves. 800 Hp = 1 wave/3 sec = 20 waves per min = 40 Hp per wave

Reliability & Durability

A wave pool without waves is just a pool. Our high up-time/low down-time features ensure that your guests are never left flat.

Built in Redundancy Features.  Redundancy means that your system can tolerate the outright failure of many of its components and still continue operation.  If your main PLC (computer) goes down and stops producing wave patterns your entire system can be switched to a smaller backup module, which continues to produce diamond waves until the main comes back online

Rugged Construction. Our materials and components have been field-hardened through decades of real-world testing and experience, and will continue performing perfectly under extreme conditions

Wave Generation

Waves for Every Application

Clients reach out to us from around the world when it comes to creating challenging wave system applications that mimic real world ocean simulations. From rescue training facilities for the US Coast Guard, to realistic ocean storm waves for motion pictures, only ADG’s innovative Wave Specialists are experienced enough to develop the right application to meet your specific needs.

Pneumatic Waves.  This is the most commonly used system for indoor and outdoor wave pools.  Waves are formed when high pressured air is forced through a system of directional valves which direct air downward and outward into a caisson and through a grated opening.

Hydraulic Waves.  To produce high action performance waves, a column of water is pumped into a holding tank which is then released into large caisson chambers forcing out  large, powerful waves up to 8ft high.

Wavetek Generation

Equipment Service & Support

Making waves is tough on equipment so our stainless steel construction is built stronger to last longer. And because we manufacture all of our own wave equipment, we can ensure excellent quality control and on-time delivery.  No other company in the industry provides the quality material, support and expertise like ADG.

24/7 System Support.  Because your attraction, whether it’s a wave pool, aquarium or specialty feature, demands 100% system performance, our team of expert technicians are available to you 365 days a year for on-site visits or phone consultations for technical support.

Parts & Supplies.  We stock a complete line of wave system parts to ensure maximum up-time efficiency.

Engineering Assistance.  Included with every project are detailed CAD drawings that define design, equipment layout and requirements for all trades involved in the successful installation of your equipment.


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