Copper Mtn Coaster

The Challenge

Copper Mountain chose ADG’s Mountain Coaster to join the list of offerings at the popular Colorado Ski Resort. This mountain coaster is one of the longest alpine coasters in North America featuring a scenic ascent and a thrilling descent of twists & turns through the high-alpine forest.

Copper_Mountain Coaster

The Solution

The ADG designed and manufactured coaster has a track of 5,800 feet, including a total descent of almost 4,000 feet, and a vertical drop of 430 feet, the raised alpine coaster track runs along the natural curvature of the mountain with zigs, zags, dips and 360 degree turns for guaranteed thrills all the way down to Copper’s high alpine Center Village. The coaster is running during both the summer and winter for optimal year-round attendance.
An American-made customized attraction that provides year-round excitement and increased revenues. The ADG Mountain Coaster is a driver controlled ride and with the ability to control your own speed, this ride appeals to guests of every age and thrill level.

Copper_Mountain Coaster rider

The Result

Opened on time (total project time 5 months) and on budget, the Copper Mountain Coaster opened to the public December 2017 to hundreds of guests of all ages.

Copper Mountain Coaster

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