ADG Project Solutions: Design/Build, Renovation & Expansion
Size: 22.7-acres

In 2006, Columbus Zoo entered an agreement with Six Flags to purchase Wyandot Lake waterpark in Columbus, OH for $2 million. Shortly after purchasing the property, the Zoo announced plans to invest $22 million to substantially re-develop and renovate the former Wyandot Lake property in order to incorporate zoo theming throughout, update existing amenities and introduce state-of-the-art attractions.


The concept development for the Columbus Zoo involved a multifaceted approach to revitalizing the acquired Wyandot Lake waterpark property. With a budget of $22 million, the primary goal was to seamlessly blend the zoo experience with aquatic entertainment. This included the incorporation of zoo theming throughout the property, creating a harmonious fusion of wildlife and water-based attractions.

The concept encompassed the redesign and modernization of existing amenities, along with the introduction of state-of-the-art attractions that would not only provide entertainment but also educate visitors about the animal kingdom. The integration of interactive exhibits, immersive environments, and engaging displays aimed to offer a unique blend of entertainment and education.

The Columbus Zoo allocated a budget of $22 million for the comprehensive re-development and renovation of the acquired Wyandot Lake waterpark property. This financial commitment was intended to integrate zoo-themed elements across the site, enhance existing amenities, and introduce advanced attractions, thereby creating a transformative and modernized experience for visitors.


Columbus Zoo chose ADG, to renovate, design and build a newly branded “Zoombezi Bay” waterpark. Featuring $20 million worth of new attractions including: three new water slide complexes, a new 544,000 gallon “Wild Tides” wave pool, and a 1.5 million gallon action river called “Roaring Rapids”. 

2011 - After three successful seasons of operation at Zoombezi Bay, park operators decided to expand the waterpark. ADG designed and built the new area to include two new slides, a 45’ uphill water coaster, and the first Boomerango Express half-pipe tube slide

2014 - Zoombezi Bay wanted to replace an old AquaPlay RainFortress that was carried over from Wyandot waterpark with a $4.5 million “Baboon Lagoon“ children’s area. ADG designed and built the expansion to feature nine children’s water slides, 90+ interactive water play features, and a giant 1,000 gallon dumping bucket, earning “Best New Product in Themed Exhibit Design” from IAAPA.

 2018 - Looking to further expand capacity with more place to relax, more slides and more interactive play, Columbus Zoo called upon ADG for the fourth time to create “Otter Banks” active play area. ADG designed Otter Banks around their Adventure Lagoon® water ride which features a 2,500 sqft activity pool with basketball area, 3 waterfalls, in-water seating, a 1,800 sqft obstacle course and two 26’ drop slides.

2020 - After back to back years of record-breaking attendance, Zoombezi Bay wanted to renovate the last attraction from the preexisting Wyandot Lake property – Croctail Creek, bar and adults-only river. ADG renovated the 700 ft long river, doubling the size of the bar area, and adding a lounge pool with in-water bar side seating.  

ADG supplied equipment package for the original renovation project as well as the several expansions with the park. ADG supplied their WaveTek® AquaWave wave system for the 'Wild Tides' wave pool and the 'Roaring Rapids' river which features their patented Breakers river wave system.

We have been pleased to work with ADG when we have looked for ways to expand our water park. We are very excited about the new Otter Banks expansion to our park and are also proud of the other projects’ successes.

John Gannon, General Manager
Zoombezi Bay

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