ADG Project Solutions: Design/Build Outdoor Waterpark
Size: 13-acres
Build Time: 9 months

Having built more than twelve successful projects in seven years for Six Flags, ADG was once again the builder of choice when Six Flags decided to embark upon their latest challenge, to complete a massive 13-acre waterpark in only 9 months. ADG took on the task of transforming 13 undeveloped acres and parking lots into a state-of-the-art waterpark, completing the project within 9 months, from concept to opening day and the goal of increasing park capacity and revenue generating opportunities.


ADG designed Six Flags Great America to appeal to visitors of all ages, the park was designed as a completely full-service environment with everything from luxury cabanas and tiki-style eateries, to daredevil drops, looping slides and family play areas, all carefully arranged with palm trees, vegetation, and brightly colored buildings that served to house all of the F&B, retail and guest service areas in easily accessible and attractive settings.

In addition to designing and building the park, ADG also supplied the equipment package for the 34,000 sqft Split Run wave pool, powering out 4' waves with ADG's AquaWave wave system.

In order to meet the aggressive development schedule, ADG’s teams worked 7 days a week throughout a difficult Chicago winter to complete the project for a Memorial Day opening. 

Opened in 2005 and expanded in 2011, the massive Hurricane Harbor Park is a Caribbean oasis on the outskirts of Chicago.  Completed on-time and on-budget, the initial 13-acre waterpark and 8-acre expansion were immediate successes and increased overall park capacity by more than 10,000 patrons.

Our Riptide Bay wave pool is the perfect addition to our park’s extensive collection of thrills. We expanded the waterpark due to popular demand, and are excited to be able to provide guests of all ages with a variety of unique and thrilling attractions.

Hank Salemi, Park President
Six Flags Great America

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