ADG Project Solutions: Design/Build, Renovation & Expansion

Water World wanted to replace an existing under utilized wave pool and create a new, exciting and unique attraction that would re-energize the once popular space.


ADG developed the concept for Hyland Hills Water World to utilize the footprint of the existing wave pool to develop two new attractions including Breaker Beach, the first-of-its-kind boogie boarding surf ride and Mini Harbour, a kid specific wave pool - to create the ultimate family destination in the park.


A unique and differentiating attraction, Breaker Beach is a skill-based water ride designed to appeal to a wide range of ages and skill levels. With the ability to dispatch two riders every 8 seconds, the ride averages a throughput of 720 guests per hour.

Serving a dual purpose, the ride also operates as a standard wave pool for specialty play sessions during the day. ADG designed the Breaker Beach area with decking around the ride to manage guest flow to, from, and around the boogie boarding wave pool. Cabanas, shaded lounge areas, convenient amenities and F&B service were incorporated into the overall area to generate additional revenue and create a destination experience for thrill seekers and families alike.

Built as a smaller version of ADG’s Mini Harbour water ride, this unique kid-focused mini wave pool attraction was the perfect fit for Water World. With 2 ft waves throughout, kids have the ability to jump, play and splash the time away while parents watch from the comfort of wide, low side-wall seating.

The Mini Harbour attraction at Water World was the perfect addition to their list of offerings and completed the area as a family-focused destination within the park. Teens and tweens have the ability to surf the ocean waves at Breaker Beach while toddlers can splash away in the mini wave pool, and parents get to sit back, relax and watch their children enjoy convenient amenities and F&B service.

ADG designed and built the functional layout of the Breaker Beach™ and Mini Harbour™ expansion to allow for effortless guest flow between amenities, generating additional revenue from cabanas and F&B. The area surrounding the water ride is consistently crowded with spectators excited to watch people try their luck at surfing. Guests of all ages had a unanimous positive response to the new surf ride, and came back time and time again to master the skill-based attraction.

Water World consistently sees the Mini Harbour wave pool filled to capacity, and adults compliment the convenience of the seating and ability to monitor their kids as they play. This area has experienced a significant increase in F&B and cabana rentals as guests are staying on-site longer due to the mix of attractions and strong family destination appeal.  

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