ADG Project Solutions: Design/Build Outdoor Waterpark
Size: 2-acres

Meridiana, a residential community was looking for a way to diversify their offerings to existing residents to assist in the selling of new homes.


ADG designed and built the 2-acre water park 'Adventure Cove' to feature a wave pool, tidal river, fitness center, large pavilion, food truck park, and more. 

The new Tidal River is 550 ft in length and dispatches waves up to 2.5-feet tall, every five seconds. The river channel is an average width of 16 ft and includes a zero-depth beach entry.

The new amenity village also is home to a 9,300 sqft wave pool powered by ADG’s wave technology featuring a gradual beach entry with family-friendly waves for all guests and residents to enjoy in addition to the two main anchor attractions is a 2,600 sqft island adventure pool which allows for guests to swim in the flat water, or engage in a game of water basketball with the situated hoops in the corner of the pool. ADG designed the pool to feature in-water sun shelves for guests to tan while still enjoying the water and surrounded the pool with comfortable lounge seating. The Adventure Cove addition features cascading hand carved waterfalls that pour into the island pools. Guests can listen to the relaxing sounds and enjoy the atmosphere.

We know that people in Houston love water, so we definitely wanted to have a water component but create something different. That’s why we worked with ADG to deliver a wave pool, tidal river and an island pool along with a number of other things. 

Matt Lawson, President
Rise Communities

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