Branson 2.0- Rebuilding After the Flood

The Challenge

On Memorial Day weekend of 2017 the Ozark Mountain region, was devestated by a catastrophic flood. With over six inches of rain pouring down in one an hour, the water level surpassed the 100 year flood plain by nearly nine feet and widespread damage occurred throughout the entire region. The Runaway Mountain Coaster at Branson Mountain Adventures was among the many structures with extensive damage.
The flood completely washed out a lower section of coaster track, toppling the bridge and damaging the foundations on both the uphill and downhill track sections that spanned a once shallow creek. Control panels, electric, and supporting cables were also damaged.

Branson Mtn Coaster Flood Damage

The Solution

Immediately following the flood ADG went to work to get Branson up and running. Engineers assessed the damage and redesigned the track path, concrete bridge foundations, and structural steel package. Replacement track pieces were designed and manufactured and a team was assembled to assist with the rebuilding effort.
Working seven days a week, the teams removed over 250 ft of damaged track and dismantled the damaged bridge and its concrete foundations. Within one month, all replacement track sections were delivered to the site ready for the track rebuild. The new track sections, bridge, foundations, structural steel, and all support cables and electrical connections were reconfigured and rebuilt at a higher elevation to comply with new flood zone requirements.

Branson Mtn Coaster Damage

The Result

Exceeding expectations, the new track was completed and ready for guests in an unprecedented 2 month time period.  Branson Mountain Adventures reopened to the public on August 5th to 1,000 riders their first day back in business, which marked a successful start to recapturing the remainder of their busy summer season.

Branson Rebuilt after the flood

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