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Mini Harbour

Kids Sized Fun In An Adult Friendly Setting
Water Rides
Product Benefits
Destination area for the entire family
Wide beach area increases capacity for deck chairs and cabanas
Customizable play features and interactive add-ons
Easily access children from wall seating and platform areas

Create the perfect wave pool attraction, shrink it down to toddler-size, add innovative amenities that appeal to both kids AND adults, and you’ve got ADG’s Mini Harbour®!  Designed with maximum family appeal in mind, it will quickly become the favorite spot in your park for sustained family fun and entertainment.

Active and passive play features come together perfectly in this unique kid-focused, family-centric, shallow-depth multi-wave pool attraction. With 2ft waves throughout, kids can jump, play and splash the time away while parents watch from the comfort of wide, low-set seating that intersects throughout the entire ride creating the perfect ocean oasis - designed for kid-sized fun and adult-sized comfort. 

  • 2 Mini Wave Zones
  • 250 People
  • 9,000 Sqft
  • Guests of All Ages

ADG Mini Harbour Kids Wave Pool Kids Playing

Create Destination Appeal & Enhance ROI

ADG provides you with all the necessary amenities that allow you to create the perfect setting for a full day of family-focused fun. With easy access to child-friendly F&B and retail outlets, plus ample space for cabanas, deck chairs and lounges, Mini Harbour® becomes the ideal home base destination where families are happy to spend the day. More time spent on property, and more incidental purchases.

ADG Mini Harbour Rendering

ADG’s mini wave pool is the perfect attraction for our targeted audience of toddlers, ages five and under. The ride is heavily used by both children and parents alike, and we actually should have made this area bigger to accommodate more guests!”

Joann Cortez, Communications Director
Hyland Hills Water World

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