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Surf Cove

A Complete Entertainment Destination With Multi-Demographic Appeal
Water Rides
Product Benefits
Multi-demographic family with unique surf appeal
Easily accommodate large groups and party rentals
Optimize layout for lounge chairs, cabanas and F&B
Built in event and entertainment zone for added revenue opportunities

ADG’s Surf Cove is a unique surfing destination that creates the perfect combination with a differentiating guest experience that is centered around Real Surfing. 

Surf Cove combines stationary surf wave, EpicSurf, with a uniquely designed wave pool to create an attraction with maximum appeal and revenue generating opportunities. Both skill and leisure based activities coincide into one premiere water ride attraction that extends well beyond the waters edge, creating a truly unique experience for EpicSurf participants and spectators alike that will keep them engaged and on property all day.

  • Skill & Family Fun
  • 350+ People
  • 5,700+ Sqft
  • Guests of All Ages

ADG Surf Cove

Create Destination Appeal & Enhance ROI

Build out the ride and expand capacity with surrounding areas, custom designed to fit your brand and space, that invite guests to relax by the pool or rent a private cabana while enjoying food and drink from nearby F&B outlets.

Staging areas for entertainment, events and contests encourage spectator participation and appeal for increased time, and spend, on property. Include retail kiosks for branded EpicSurf apparel and surfing equipment that expand your revenue generating opportunities.

ADG Surf Cove Rendering

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