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Tidal River

Fast Paced Action River Ride With Wave Pool Beach Entry
Water Rides
Product Benefits
Fully accessible, multi-experience adventure river ride for the entire family
Expand decking for lounging, F&B and retail
Optional children's play area with expanded beach zone
Add on slide component or play structure to center island

ADG takes river wave technology to a whole new level with Tidal River®.  Our unique configuration powers both a zero-depth entry wave pool and a fast-paced action river with better efficiency and unequaled wave performance!

From gentle family recreational waves in the shallow to fast-paced and exciting wave action in the wider pool and river channel, this ride offers something for everyone – from the youngest guest to the most adventurous.

  • Tidal Wave River
  • 7,000 Riders/Hour
  • 45,000 Sqft
  • Life Vests Under 48"

ADG Tidal River Water Ride Soaky Mountain

Create Destination Appeal & Enhance ROI

Every square foot of the design invites guests to stay, play and… spend!  Unlike adding just a slide, ADG’s Tidal River is a complete water park attraction that expands beyond the edge of the pool, incorporating space for cabanas, retail and F&B sales.

Add-on optional water play features like a water slide or play structure into the center of the ride for even more capacity, or plan for its inclusion in a future expansion!

ADG Tidal River Rendering

Canobie Lake Park’s Tidal River has been a passion project for our staff. ADG’s vision of how the Tidal River ride and Castaway Island expansion would come together was second to none. We couldn’t be happier with our new ride and neither can our guests!

Chris Nicoli, Manager
Canobie Lake Park

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ADG successfully oversaw the Soaky Mountain waterpark project from conception to construction. Not only did ADG complete the project in an 8-month timeframe, but executed the project during a global pandemic.