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Oct 30, 2023

Immersed in Water: Evolving Trends in Waterpark Water Rides & Attractions

In Park World Magazine, Julie Kline, Marketing Manager at Aquatic Development Group (ADG), speaks on the ever-evolving trends in water rides and attractions at water parks, in the Immersed in Water article. 

EpicSurf Deep-Water Stationary Wave

These trends include the creation of smaller water slides for younger guests, the integration of technology to enhance the immersive experience, the introduction of various in-water activities, the growing popularity of surfing experiences, and the anticipation of more immersive technology-driven experiences in the coming decade. Water park operators face the challenge of striking a balance between in-water and thrill experiences while catering to the diverse preferences of guests. Julie discusses specific examples, such as Soaky Mountain Waterpark and Island Live, to illustrate how these trends are being implemented in practice, emphasizing the importance of staying current with evolving trends to attract and retain visitors of all ages and preferences.

Read the full article in Park World Magazine here: Immersed in Water - Parkworld October 2023.pdf

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