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May 21, 2024

Aquatic Development Group Announces the Arrival of New WaveTek® Website

Aquatic Development Group (ADG) is proud to announce the launch of a brand new WaveTek Website, which can be found at on April 30, 2024. WaveTek, engineered and manufactured at ADG’s headquarters in Upstate New York, is an undisputed leader in wave system performance, with each system going through a rigorous manufacturing processes and strict quality control measures to guarantee unmatched efficiency and dependability. Clients’ satisfaction is at the heart of ADG, and our wave systems are designed with each client’s needs and specific application in mind. As Darin Keim, Owner of Big Surf Waterpark, remarked, “Best waves around! WaveTek waves are a bulletproof system.” 


ADG has been making WaveTek wave systems for 50+ years. With 550+ wave systems worldwide, WaveTek has continued to set industry standards for designing, engineering, manufacturing, and building waves, proving to be the go-to system for every wave application- even surfing! With the exploding boom of popularity in the sport of surfing, WaveTek was first on the scene with hydraulic surf pools back in the early 1980’s. From then on WaveTek continued advancements with the first-of-its-kind boogie-boarding and learn-to-surf pools, and today with their award-winning deep water standing surf wave, EpicSurf ®. ADG has had innovation at the forefront of their company since its inception. 

This new WaveTek website will provide a dedicated platform for WaveTek systems, offering comprehensive insights, new project updates, and existing client support. It will serve as a hub for in-depth information, providing clients with unparalleled access to WaveTek product specifications, industry trends, and more. Additionally, this platform will deliver real-time updates, ensuring their audience remains at the forefront of wave technology advancements.  

With its innovative features and user-friendly interface, ADG’s new WaveTek Website is set to lead the way in wave generation excellence.

Building on this momentum, ADG is excited to announce recent and upcoming projects that promise to further innovate and expand their wave generation market presence. Some of these WaveTek projects include Meridiana (TX), Dorado Beach (PR), and Fun Plex (NE). Stay tuned for more updates and be sure to check the new WaveTek website regularly for the latest news and developments in the industry! 


WaveTek® wave technology, pioneered by Aquatic Development Group (ADG), stands as the benchmark for wave generation equipment in today's market. With a global presence boasting over 550 installations, WaveTek remains unmatched in its commitment to innovation and excellence. Crafted with precision at ADG's headquarters in New York, USA, every WaveTek system undergoes rigorous manufacturing processes and stringent quality control measures, guaranteeing unparalleled performance and reliability. For more information, please visit 

For more information on ADG, visit our website at or contact us at [email protected]

Aquatic Development Group (ADG) is North America’s most respected designer and builder of water parks and water ride attractions. For over 50 years ADG has been providing design/build and equipment services to more than 4,000 aquatic facilities worldwide. ADG has installed more than 90% of all wave systems in the U.S. with their patented WaveTek® technology and has provided design/build and equipment services to more than 4,000 public, scholastic, resort and amusement facilities worldwide, winning numerous IAAPA Brass Ring and WWA Leading Edge Awards.