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Jan 23, 2024

Why WaveTek? Unparalleled Pneumatic Wave Performance.

In the early 1980s, ADG's WaveTek wave generation technology was first on the scene with pneumatic wave systems, proving that they could produce large, consistent waves that dispersed at steady intervals all while holding their shape through the length of the pool.

Surf parks and waterparks in operation today benefit from WaveTek’s early research and development of advanced pneumatic systems which provide more control of the wave generator, delivering consistency in wave formation and a reliable solution that requires no equipment in the water.

Key Benefits of a Pneumatic Wave System

Defined Shape & Wave Dispersion

WaveTek wave shape and wave dispersion

Precise, fast-acting wave valves and PLC-driven timing to hundredths of a second produce crisp, clearly defined wave patterns in our recreational wave pools, and the correctly shaped crests and faces in our high-performance applications.

A Multitude of Applications

WaveTek creating waves for Zoos and Aquariums

WaveTek pneumatic wave systems are used for a myriad of applications including wave pools, rivers, surf, and specialty wave systems for aquariums, rescue training, motion pictures, and more.

No Equipment in the Water

WaveTek Wave System

Using a piston of air instead of paddles, plungers, or large gate valves, keeps corrosion and frequent maintenance at bay, providing many seasons of trouble-free operation for our customers.

Looking to upgrade your wave system or make a splash with a new wave-based amenity? Contact us to learn more about WaveTek!

ADG Clients - Kalahari Resorts, Six Flags, Columbus Zoo, Great Wolf Lodge, Gaylord Resorts, Canobie Lake Park, Kentucky Kingdom

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