Stainless Steel and Hybrid Bulkheads

Expand Your Aquatic Programming Ability

ADG’s innovative bulkheads designed and engineered for competition, training and multi-purpose use. Constructed in compliance with the highest standards in the industry, our pool dividers are a practical, cost-effective addition to your aquatic facility that will improve the user experience and increase revenue generating opportunities.

Create multiple course lengths with quick and easy mobility that maximizes your facility program options.

100% Stainless Steel Construction

Durable, sturdy and easy to maintain, ADG’s hybrid and stainless steel bulkheads are designed for competition, training and multipurpose programs and are manufactured in accordance with NCAA, US Swimming and FINA recommendations. They deliver unparalleled structural strength and rigidity with aesthetic appeal.  ADG’s complete lines of swimming pool bulkheads feature variable buoyancy, flow-through design and stainless steel structure with slip-resistant, energy absorbing, PVC grating.

ADG Hybrid Bulkhead Movable Bulkheads

Compatible with all competitive timing equipment systems, these innovative pool dividers feature a unique energy absorbing, flow through design that delivers an extremely quiet water surface, reduces time-slowing turbulence, and makes them incredibly easy to move.

ADG vertical bulkhead for competition poolsVertical Bulkheads

ADG’s vertical bulkheads are a unique, creative solution for pools with space limitations or unique configurations. ADG was the first to bring this revolutionary technology – which lowers into a pool bottom vault when not in use and rises into its locking position – to the commercial pool industry.

UC Berkley ADG Bulkhead

Stationary Bulkheads

Practical and cost-effective, ADG’s stationary pool dividers offer a permanent solution to pool segmentation. This innovative bulkhead technology divides the pool yet requires the use of only one recirculation/sanitation system, saving you money while increasing programming options for your facility and generating additional profit to boost your bottom line.


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