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Sparger Dive Systems

Engineered Diving Safety System

Innovative and practical, ADG’s competitive dive training systems are a cost-effective solution that can transform your diving facility – enhancing safety and appeal while improving the user experience.

Designed with divers in mind, our sparger systems use air-diffusing technology to aerate the water below diving platforms, reducing the density of the water to allow divers a smoother, safer entry.

Efficient and Easy to Use

Our industry-leading spargers combine a pneumatic system capable of producing sustained air bursts of 30 seconds or longer with precision-engineered distribution headers to provide balanced air distribution.

ADG’s revolutionary design also includes an accessible control panel and wireless remote, giving you the power to adjust and regulate your dive training system easily and efficiently. With a quick recovery, this is truly the highest quality, state-of-the-art sparger system on the market.

ADG Sparger Diving System

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