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Moveable Pool Floors

North America’s Only Manufacturer of Movable Pool Floor Systems

Turn your commercial pool into a multi-purpose aquatic facility with ADG – North America’s only manufacturer of Movable Pool Floor Systems.  Movable pool floor systems efficiently accommodate any and all aquatic activities and programs, at a project cost that is significantly lower than constructing multiple pools.

Our state-of-the-art design combines stainless steel, engineered resins and programmed control systems to create a movable pool floor that is easy to use, reliable and durable.

ADG Moveable Pool Floor

Expand Program Capabilities

Our revolutionary technology allows you to easily adjust a pool to exactly the right water depth for any activity or program, providing you with flexibility and unlimited possibilities. Host toddler swim lessons at 8am, senior water aerobics at 10am, adult lap swimming at noon, and a competitive swim meet at 4pm – all in the same pool, all with just the touch of a button.

Therapy Pool Applications

Expand your program offerings with Aquatic Therapy.  ADG will custom design and manufacture a high-quality stainless steel therapy pool to your specifications with a movable floor, exercise bars, therapy jets, treadmill, and viewing windows for patient monitoring. The slip resistant, movable swimming pool floor will adjust to any height and allow people of any physical condition to enjoy the pool in full confidence, eliminating the need for slings, hoists or access ramps.

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