Safe Water: The Importance of Clarity in Wave Pools IN THE NEWS | AQUATIC DEVELOPMENT GROUP | April 19, 2021

safe water wave pool featured in parks and rec businessAn essential factor in the safe operation of any pool is clean, crystal-clear water. This becomes increasingly important when one begins to consider wave-pool design and operation. With the inherent difficulties associated with surface turbulence and bather density, the clarity and purity of pool water become critical to the effectiveness of lifeguard observation and bather-disease control. All the lifeguards in the world can be stationed around a pool, but if the turbidity of the water limits the ability to see below the surface, there is the potential for tragedy.

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The problem of maintaining water quality in a wave pool is compounded in almost every aspect of its design. The large water surface, large shallow area, and heavy bather loads contribute to a significantly higher level of airborne- and bather-carried contaminants than would be found in a conventional pool.

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