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ADG Makes Headlines For Renovation Project at Kings Dominion Waterpark! IN THE NEWS | AQUATIC DEVELOPMENT GROUP | March 3, 2020

‘Kings Dominion Revitalization of Underutilized Water Park Area’

Excerpt from: Amusement Today March 2020

Kings Dominion article in amusement today magazine

This summer Kings Dominion theme park will be opening two new attractions at its Soak City water park. The newly redesigned Coconut Shores, replaces the park’s 1999 wave pool. The new section will feature a 45-foot tall water play structure called Lighthouse Landing and a 3,000 sqft wave pool called Sand Dune Lagoon that is specifically designed for children, along with new food and beverage outlets.

Aquatic Development Group (ADG) worked with Kings Dominion on the Coconut Shores renovation project. The park was looking to replace an underused multi-level play structure with a new one.

ADG surveyed the site and realized that they could utilize the foundation of the underused, 35,000 sqft second wave pool to incorporate both the new multi-level play structure as well as ADG’s Mini Harbour kid’s miniature wave pool water ride attraction. This development allowed Kings Dominion to revitalize not just an attraction but an entire area of the park.

kings dominion water park mini harbour kids wave pool

“Working on the King’s Dominion renovation project allowed us at ADG to do what we do best- think outside the box. A client came to us with a specific request, budget and time frame for their project. But after looking at their site, we determined we could reutilize existing foundations, filtration and equipment to maximize their project goals within their budget and their timeline – giving them not only the one ride but TWO all within the same footprint. We are very excited to watch the King’s Dominion Coconut Bay project come to life,” said Jim Dunn, President of Aquatic Development Group

The new Mini Harbour wave pool ranges from beach entry with a zero depth to about 2.5 feet in the “deep” end. In order to make this wave pool kid-friendly, ADG worked with the construction team to fill areas of the existing wave pool with suitable concrete slab pieces from demolition and traditional infill material, recycling components from the previous attractions.

ADG supplied the WaveTek technology that produces the gentle one-foot waves and the pumps for the gurgling springs and waterfall features. ADG also supplied the concrete carving crews who built the custom rockscape and waterfall at the back of the pool.

Mini Harbour water ride attraction at Kings Dominion

Surrounded by natural landscape and mature trees to provide copious amounts of shade, the new Coconut Shores area of the water park will be a perfect zone for families to splash, play, dine, drink, relax and enjoy a day at the park.


Source: Amusement Today, written by Jeffrey Seifert, March 2020
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