Destination: Mountain Coaster! IN THE NEWS | AQUATIC DEVELOPMENT GROUP | August 28, 2018

Mountain coasters are quickly becoming a “must do” experience that people of all ages are seeking out. And owners are quickly realizing that if you have a big enough hill, you can draw a really big crowd. Since the first alpine mountain coaster was installed in Glenwood Spring, CO, they have quickly gained appeal and popularity across the United States among adventure seekers of every age.

Currently, there are over 30 alpine mountain coasters located across the US, primarily at ski resorts in the eastern half of the country. And that number continues to grow as mountains in the west, often dealing with stricter forest service requirements, are beginning to jump on the coaster bandwagon as illustrated by two recent installations of the ADG Mountain Coaster in Colorado at Copper Mountain (2017) and Purgatory Mountain (2018).

Ski mountains aren’t the only ones venturing into the Mountain Coaster business. Several stand-alone venues are opening to great success and proving that the mountain coaster is indeed a  destination draw all on its own. But as with any venture there are multiple factors to consider before you start grading your mountain and laying down tracks on your way to success.



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Mountain Coaster at Branson Runaway


Case Study: A Stand Alone Attraction

Learn more about the success at the Runaway Mountain Coaster in Branson, MO

“From ages three to ninety-three, 100% of the people who rode “The Runaway Mountain Coaster’ loved the ride! We couldn’t be more pleased.”

-Matt Meadows, Project Manager





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