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Your Alpine Slides Are Changing! IN THE NEWS | AQUATIC DEVELOPMENT GROUP | March 27, 2017

Last chance to stock up on your existing yellow sleds before they’re gone!
As a valued alpine slide client, we want you to be among the first to learn that ADG will be relaunching our Mountain Slide product to the market this spring and with that, we are rolling out a new look and style to our sleds! These new sleds will continue to function exactly like your current sleds. The only change is to the exterior style and color.

Soon the current yellow sleds you use on your ride will no longer be available for order.

In order to help you accommodate this change, we would like to offer you a choice of two options:

You can choose to keep using your existing yellow sleds for the time being and stock-up on your inventory by placing an order before May 1, 2017
Or you can upgrade to the new green sleds and launch your ride with a brand new look this season!

Whichever your choice, our Mountainside Service Technicians are here to help accommodate your needs and address any concerns you may have regarding this change. If you are in need of additional sleds and don’t want your guests riding on mismatched yellow and green carts, please be sure to place your order soon before they are no longer available.

To place your order or for more information please contactservice@aquaticgroup.com" target="_blank"> service@aquaticgroup.com

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