An ADG Resort WaterfrontTM setting is a “product” based around a philosophy.  It is our unique InDepthTM approach to designing and building recreational water environments tailored specifically for resort properties – bringing the destination experience your guests are seeking, resulting in the revenue that you desire.

Resort Waterfronts

Resort river with an orange bridge above and people floating through

Thinking Beyond the Edge of the Pool

ADG is known worldwide for our ability to combine comprehensive planning with imaginative recreational designs and quality construction.  From bright and colorful indoor and outdoor attractions, to sleek and sophisticated adult settings, the idea behind each ADG Resort Waterfront setting is to create the type of recreational environment that works for your brand, your property, your guests, and your business goals.

When you work with ADG to build your Resort Waterfront, we won’t ask you what kind of pool you want.  We won’t try to sell you on the latest play structure or slide.  And we won’t try to convince you to add features you don’t need.

What we will discuss is desired guest experience, differentiation, brand image, marketability, and revenue-generating opportunities that will help you increase capacity, ADR, F&B sales, length of stay, repeat visitation and more.

It’s so much more than just “the pool”, it’s the entire experience.

Kids playing at a basketball hoop in a pool

Partnership in Planning Right from the Start

By taking into consideration every aspect of guest interaction, both in the water and out, the team at ADG works with your team to develop the perfect indoor or outdoor aquatic setting

Working in conjunction with your architects, landscape designers, and more, we help you to analyze and evaluate every aspect of the aquatic features to ensure that amenities and attractions meet the needs of the property – from allocating enough space for decking and landscape needs, to the placement of facilities and access paths for guests and staff, to food and beverage accessibility and service.


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