Create the perfect wave pool attraction, shrink it down to toddler-size, add innovative amenities that appeal to both kids AND adults, and you’ve got ADG’s Mini Harbour®!  Designed with maximum family appeal in mind, it will quickly become the favorite spot in your park for sustained family fun and entertainment.

Mini Harbour®

ADG's water ride mini kids wave pool

Kid Sized Wave Pools, Adult Sized Comfort

Active and passive play features come together perfectly in this unique kid focused, family-centric, shallow-depth multi wave pool attraction.  With 2ft waves throughout, kids can jump, play and splash the time away while parents watch from the comfort of wide, low-set seating that intersects throughout the entire ride creating the perfect ocean oasis ~ designed for kid sized fun and adult sized comfort!

Add on additional aquatic play features, tie in a themed play structure and you’ve got a truly one-of-a-kind attraction to set your property apart.

  • Custom fun for 36” and under guests
  • Two waves zones and play lagoon with 2 ft depth
  • Beach entry with wall seating throughout

ADG Mini Harbour Rendering


Our Redefining Rides concept extends well beyond the edge of our multiple mini wave pools at Mini Harbour®.  Included are all the necessary amenities that allow you to create the perfect setting for a full day of family focused fun.

With easy access to child friendly F&B and retail outlets, plus ample space for cabanas, deck chairs and lounges, Mini Harbour® becomes the ideal home base destination where families are happy to spend the day.  More time spent on property, more incidental purchases… can you say ROI!

Differentiate & Excite with An ADG Water Ride

Learn more about our complete line of ADG Water Rides – your solution to creating a unique attraction designed to get people off the line and into the water.

  • Higher Capacity.
  • Faster Throughout.
  • Revenue Generating.
  • Differentiating.

Download our Water Rides Planning Guide to see how an ADG Water Ride can work for your park.

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