Adventure Lagoon® Skill Based Water Ride is an immediate hit with guests of all ages and easily fits in anywhere to instantly increase time on premises through a combination of exciting skill-based features and interactive play areas that appeal to the entire family.

Adventure Lagoon®

Keep Guests on Property Longer

Guests stay longer when they ride again and again to master the combinations of activities found in our skill-based, active play Adventure Lagoon®.

River crossings, climbing walls and inflatable obstacle courses create a unique combination of ride features that appeal to every age group and skill level.  Multiple access points for easy ride entry throughout the attraction means less time waiting and more time enjoying.

  • 140 person active capacity
  • 3,900 sqft pool
  • Innovative layout fits in compact footprint

ADG Water Ride Adventure Lagoon Rendering

Small Footprint.  Large Appeal

Place this ride anywhere!  Innovative layouts fit into compact design plans and are the perfect attention grabber for guests of every age.  Add external play elements, such as water spray guns, and engage participants and spectators alike with this non-stop action ride.

Differentiate & Excite with An ADG Water Ride

Learn more about our complete line of ADG Water Rides – your solution to creating a unique attraction designed to get people off the line and into the water, or contact us for more information on our innovative ride attractions.

  • Higher Capacity.
  • Faster Throughout.
  • Revenue Generating.
  • Differentiating.

Want to see one of our rides in action? 

Check here for a list of locations and then contact us to discuss setting up an appointment.

Breaker Beach

Endless action boogie boarding pool with near limitless capacity

Tidal River

Wave pool and action river combine to bring guests more

Twin Tides

Unique dual entry wave pool that doubles guest capacity

FlowRider® Cove

FlowRider® and wave pool in one incredible attraction

Mini Harbour

Kid-sized wave pool attraction for the perfect family destination

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