The Alpine Mountain Coaster and the Alpine Mountain Slide are exciting attractions, rated highest in the industry for revenue generating capability and customer draw.  Appealing to a large demographic, both the Alpine Slide and Alpine Coaster open your mountain resort to new, three and four season trails for both thrill seekers and family caravans alike.

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Alpine Mountain Coasters & Slides

CBK Mountain Alpine Slide

Building A Better Ride

At ADG we understand the investment you are making when you decide to purchase and build an alpine coaster or slide and no other company offers the in depth analysis that ADG provides.  We approach your product purchase with a project mindset and start by scheduling an on-site Mountainside® Intake Assessment designed to analyze everything from soil conditions to existing infrastructure and resort operations, to construction needs, timelines and budget constraints.  This allows you to formulate an accurate up front idea of what building your attraction will truly cost.

Proven Faster, Easier Install Process

Our Mountain Coaster and Alpine Slide tracks are more versatile and simpler to install, and our flexible design and in-house manufacturing capabilities means less time is spent working on your mountain – which means only ADG can get you up and running faster to make sure you capture the key revenue generating summer season.

With ADG you can rest assured that your project will be done right from the start, completed on time and on-budget.

Setting the Standard in Product Development

Leading the way in safety innovation, the ADG Mountain Coaster and Alpine Mountain Slide are manufactured exclusively in the United States and employ proprietary, industry leading safety features that protect guests and the profitability of your investment.  We were first-to-market with an innovative collision avoidance system and enhanced safety upgrades that have quickly set the industry standard for all North American alpine coasters and slide installations.

Combined with ADG’s undisputed reputation in industry innovation, and over sixty years of design and recreational equipment manufacturing experience, you will quickly come to see why more mountains are choosing ADG Mountain Coasters and Slides over the competition.

Branson Mountain Coaster

Mountain Industry Expertise & Know How

ADG is uniquely positioned in the industry by having a CEO who is not just a maker of the Alpine Coaster and Slide, but is also a buyer.  The owner of ADG, Ken Ellis, is also the co-owner of Camelback Mountain Resort in Pennsylvania, a ski resort which features one of the most advanced summer operation programs in the nation, including an adventure park with both the Mountain Coaster and Mountain Slide as key attractions.  This unique positioning and in-house knowledge and expertise allows us to understand first-hand what it takes to run a successful year-round mountain resort.  Something that no other mountain coaster or alpine slide manufacturer in the industry can offer.


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