The World’s Only 180° Surf Rider

WaveOz™ brings a whole new playing field to the sport of surfing!  Flowboarders surf across a totally inflatable surface measuring over 187 feet to either bodyboard or stand-up and ride.  The sheer linear space on this attraction allows for more speed, more back to back tricks, and overall more exciting ride experience.

The Wave Oz with one rider on it

Highest Capacity Surf Machine in the World 

Insert the inflatable fence dividers and you just created four rides out of one!  Multiple entry points across the rear wall of the attraction allow for multiple queue lines and easy access.  With an average capacity of 720 riders/hour and options to run this as a single, double, triple or even a quad ride, you just created one major surf attraction that will put your facility on the map.

Wave Oz with sun shades above

Iconic Ride that Draws a Crowd

Talk about spectator appeal!  WaveOz™ is the next generation surfing competition wave of the future, as the enormous ride surface is like a liquid canvas on which a multitude of tricks can be performed.  Flowboarders are carving out new moves that will undoubtedly catapult general ridership and competition to the next level, guaranteed to draw a crowd!  If the goal is to create the ultimate “wow factor” as well as generate revenue (think F&B from all those guests), then the WaveOz delivers!

Wave Oz Specs


Aquatic Development Group