LatiTube™ is the perfect waterpark surfing attraction for all ages and skill levels. Now every guest can experience the thrill of riding an ocean-like surf wave the first time they get on board!


Young child kneeling down surfing under a wave

Dynamic Surfing Wave Attraction

Explore wave options like no other.  With dynamically changing wave shapes, sizes, and difficulty level, this ride changes with each riders level of comfort and experience. And just when the rider feels in control the operator can ramp up the fun with easy, one-touch adjustable power level controls to leave guests feeling challenged and eager for more!

The LatiTube is a surfing attraction the whole family can master, with a great ‘tubed’ photo opportunity built in. This new technology includes a radically new way for operators to precisely control water flow so that every guest can be appropriately challenged and experience the thrill of surfing. The LatiTube’s ride surface is dynamic. While the rider is surfing, the wave can change from a slight slope to a steep round basin. The devices software runs 20+ different sequences of wave shapes and tubes to create hours of challenging variations.

The Perfect Surf Ride for All Ages and Skill Levels

LatiTube™  is a safe and quick way for a rider to discover the skills of surfing, allowing riders to move freely around the waves to surf just like in the ocean.  With minimal instruction, guests of all ages can start from any position they feel comfortable, from lying down to standing up, on a low, gentle wave that gradually increases in size and shape to match the riders skill level.  Quickly and easily, riders will become fully ensconced in a “water tube” allowing them to experience the real-world thrill of ocean surfing without having to put in the work!


Aquatic Development Group