FlowRider® Surf Simulator

FlowRider®: A Skill-Based Attraction with a Proven Pipeline to Profits!

Turn your existing footprint into a profit center that attracts new visitors and keeps them coming back for more.

The Surfing Simulator that Draws a Crowd
Monon FlowRider Crowd

Easily increase attendance and revenue to your hotel, ski resort, water park or other aquatic facility with the addition of a compact and self-contained FlowRider® surf simulator. This smartly designed attraction attracts board sports enthusiasts of all ages, while having the additional benefit of drawing in the desirable teen and young adult demographic, boosting overall attendance by 20% to 30%.

The FlowRider® provides both first-time flowboarders and long-time enthusiasts with a challenging skill-based experience, as the sport’s never-ending learning curve forever challenges boarders to develop new tricks.

Revenue GeneratingThe FlowRider® Revenue Stream

Revenue can be generated based on a variety of options and skill levels, such as whether a rider body boards, needs paid lessons or flowboards standing up. Monthly memberships and season passes can be offered to target repeat customers dedicated to further honing their skills.

In addition, you don’t have to learn how to ride the waves to enjoy the FlowRider®. Watching others in action is a fun and social event, providing additional revenue-generating opportunities from spectators including food and beverage sales, retail sales and eventsponsorships. Flowboarding is a sanctioned sport complete with major national and international sponsorships, organized competitions and leagues.

Simply put, there is no greater aquatic system available today that can generate as much revenue in as little space as a FlowRider®.

FlowRider® Service & SupportLiberty Lagoon FlowRider

ADG has the service and technicians on board that have been selling and maintaining your FlowRider® since the
day it was installed.  We also have access to every drawing of every attraction we ever built – no guesswork on modifications here! And there is a reasonable chance that the person in charge of upgrading your FlowRider®, may have been on the original installation team. Your FlowRider Service Technician  is available 365 days/year to help ensure your ride is operating at its optimal performance every day you want to operate it!

Design and Build A FlowRider® TodayFlowRider

ADG can help you add this skill-based attraction to your existing resort, water park or aquatic center setting, or we can design and build out an entirely new Waterfront aquatic setting for  your property. Our InDepthTM project approach enables us to customize every aspect of your project to fit your needs, taking you from concept through completion like no other company in the industry.


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