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ETS UV Water Treatment

Improve You Water Clarity & Quality

Easy to install and simple to operate, ETS™ UV treatment systems are used in hundreds of aquatic environments worldwide, including swimming pools, water parks, spas, therapy pools, interactive water features and splash pads.

ETS™ UV disinfection reduces the increased risk of asthma, respiratory problems, skin and eye allergies by breaking down and removing problem chloramines, formed when free chlorine reacts with other organics introduced into the pool environment. It significantly improves water clarity and quality and is an effective safeguard against Cryptosporidium and Giardia, which are both highly chlorine-resistant microbes.

Improved Experience For Guests

Your guests will appreciate the noticeable improvement to air and water quality, and you’ll appreciate the ease of use and reduced maintenance costs. ETS™ UV water treatments systems cannot be overdosed – they are fully automatic and programmable – and they reduce combined chlorine levels and the need for shock treatments, helping you save money.

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