A surf-all/surf-anywhere experience, EpicSurf is a true deep water wave – one that can be tamed down to teach beginners and then amped up to deliver a powerful, adrenaline pumping ride for the expert surfer.

Craving the epic wave? There is no other experience like it.


The Stationary Wave That Moves You

When you surf the EpicSurf wave, you are surfing on a true deep wave of water, vs. a thin sheet of water that flows over a formed surface.

EpicSurf provides a more authentic surfing experience and gives riders the ability to surf their favorite board – whether that’s a foam board, body board, or real skegged surfboard.


Real Surfing Experience…for Everyone!

EpicSurf provides the ideal platform, perfect for expert surfers to practice and enhance their skills, and for beginners to learn-to-surf.

The EpicSurf’s Rapid Wave Adjustability and remote access control panel lets you quickly and easily alter the wave height from 3′ to 5′ in just seconds so you can match the wave to each rider’s skill level for a customized experience.


EpicSurf and the ADG Difference

EpicSurf is manufactured at ADG’s headquarters in New York State (USA), and every EpicSurf Wave comes with the proven quality, durability and backing of ADG and our 50+ years of experience engineering, building, installing, and servicing wave systems around the world.

With ADG you get a superior product, with superior wave performance and guaranteed support for the life of your EpicSurf ride.


Aquatic Development Group