Lake Winnie Soak Ya

The Challenge

As a 4th generation family owned dry-ride amusement park, Lake Winnie wanted to build attendance and retain customers lost to the appeal of larger combination amusement/waterparks in nearby Atlanta. In order to regain their foothold with their customer base, they needed to create an attraction to compete with the offerings in larger park while positioning themselves as a valuable option for local family fun and respond to guests’ desires to provide relief from the southern heat.

Lake Winnie Active Play Area

The Solution

Lake Winnie partnered with the experts at ADG to design and build a waterpark that would be incorporated into their existing dry park.  Built on five acres, the addition design plan included engaging destination spaces based off of ADG’s Tidal River™ Water Ride with multiple slide complexes, play structures, action river and shaded guest accommodations. The new layout maximized capacity and guest flow, increase F&B and other incidental purchases, and enhance the overall guest experience, increasing repeat visits and length of stay.

The Result

The addition of the waterpark at Lake Winnie resulted in a dramatic increase in their overall sales and park attendance. Positive response to the waterpark was prevalent on social media, generating additional word-of-mouth advertising.  Corporate branding opportunities with Coca Cola, and smart design placement of F&B, resulted in instant revenue generation from the waterpark facility.

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